The Gift Giver

Do You Know The Gift Giver?

Every year at Christmas, the world is reminded of the gift God gave to humanity. But, did you know that Jesus was not the first gift of a loving God? In this book, biblical stories of the generosity and love of God are retold to highlight different aspects of the character of God. While readers will learn of the gifts God has given, they will also develop awareness of what those gifts tell us about the Giver.



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The Gift Giver is a collection of biblical stories that involves Christmas, but the book is not solely a Christmas story. It is a book that highlights some of the characteristics of God by examining the gifts that He has given the world from its creation to the birth of Jesus. Each page is filled with beautiful, colorful artwork that will stimulate your child’s imagination, while the stories are told in a way that children will enjoy listening to or reading themselves. Best of all, as your child interacts with this book they will learn truths about who God is and how those principles apply to their own life. Intended to be read throughout the year, The Gift Giver would be a perfect book to use as an introductory devotion for children or families, as part of a Sunday school or small group curriculum, or as bedtime reading.

Scott Perkins

Scott Perkins | Writer

Scott loves to write and tell stories about God. This book is the first project that has allowed him to combine both of those loves for a younger audience. As a family pastor, Scott wants kids to be excited about knowing the God who created them to be and to be able to excitedly tell the stories of their heavenly Father to anyone who will listen. Scott, his wife and daughter live in the Orlando, FL area.

Brian Miller | Artist

Brian is an artist who has been making pictures, art and other cool messy stuff his whole life. This book has allowed him to illustrate his faith in a fresh and original way. He lives in Orlando, FL with his wife and cat.